Our “Diamond G.E.M. Pledge”

G.  Getting your load there on time every time is our number one priority.  As a partner in business with you, we understand the importance of your shipments arriving correctly at their scheduled time every time.  Our client’s shipments are not only important to us but DSL takes accountability of the shipments until it is delivered.  DSL works with a sense of urgency, drive, passion, energy and enthusiasm.   

E. Exceptional unwavering commitment to Customer Service is the natural way of life at DSL.  We pledge to treat our customers as we wish to be treated, with Integrity and Honesty.   At DSL, we realize there is nothing easier than being courteous.  Going the extra mile to ensure our customer’s satisfaction is our pleasure.

M. Minimizing expenses and maximizing profits for clients is our goal.   At DSL, we foster the idea of identifying and eliminating unnecessary costs.  We believe in a proactive solution which allows us the ability to surpass our counterparts, we are an extension of client’s teams.  DSL works in partnership with its clients therefore we are continuously working with the success of our client’s company in mind.